About Us

South Metropolitan Planning Council (SMPC) was founded in mid-1996, with the support of the City, Dane County, Town of Madison, United Way, School District and the Community Foundation. Since its initial formation, the South Metropolitan Planning Council has developed and refined its mission; created a number of special focus subcommittees; organized and expanded its membership; created a partnership with UW-Madison, UW–Extension Dane County, Madison Area Technical College, and Edgewood College, and has given special attention to South Park Street economic development. The Council currently has membership from south metropolitan neighborhoods (both City and Town), business association and from the Town of Madison. It is staffed by a full time facilitator and a volunteer coordinator. 

SMPC works on the following:
  • Bringing together people, organizations, and resources to build a stronger community. 
  • Revitalizing Park Street: SMPC is working to revitalize Park Street to create an economically and socially vibrant center for our diverse community. 
  • Neighborhood Organizing: The primary goal of the South Metropolitan Planning Council is to build strong neighborhoods at the grass roots level by supporting and encouraging the formation of active, inclusive neighborhood associations. 
  • Neighborhood Connections and Partnerships: University of Wisconsin–Madison, UW–Extension Dane County, Madison Area Technical College, and Edgewood College run a distinctive center at The Villager offering community, continuing, higher, technical, and vocational education. The four institutions collaborate with community partners to 1) initiate and support desired community improvements, 2) increase access to education, and 3) help students apply academic learning.